Tissues Manufactured Beyond pericardium, Collagen Solutions can provide numerous other tissue types to meet your needs. Collagen Solutions offers a complete range of TSE-free biomaterials to meet customer specifications including: Pericardium Peritoneum Tendon Placenta / Amnion Hide splits Arteries Veins Nerves Endocrine glands Bone Blood Cartilage Acellular Dermis Other tissues, subject to opportunity and fit All animal product materials are sourced, collected and handled in accordance with ISO: 22442 Part 2 – ‘Medical Devices Using Animal Tissues and Their Derivatives’. This ensures that our materials meet the World Organization for Animal Health requirements for BSE negligible risk animal products and meets the requirements for medical device manufacturers. Sources Collagen Solutions is able to provide tissue from a variety of animal species. Bovine Porcine Equine Marine Ovine Caprine Cervine Other species may be available upon request