Contract Collagen Manufacturer

Collagen Solutions operates a GMP manufacturing facility in Glasgow, Scotland. Our quality and compliance programs ensure that our products meet local and international standards and regulations and are audited by notified body and competent authorities.

We develop and document all processes, train staff, maintain certifications and ensure regulatory compliance on behalf of customers. This service allows medical device manufacturers to focus on device manufacture, not on the production of the biomaterials they require. The products and components we supply are in clinical use as part of customer products in the USA, Canada, EU and South Korea. Collagen Manufacturing Capabilities and Capacities InScotlandSegregated manufacturing facilitiesSoluble collagenPolymeric collagenOEM devicesPilot plant for product developmentAseptic manufacturing facility2,800 ft2 ISO Class 7 clean room600 ft2 ISO Class 5 clean roomHigh-purity water systemLyophilizing and milling equipmentExpansion capacityISO13485 accreditationUnited StatesResearch and DevelopmentPrototypingDistributionSalesMarketingNew ZealandTissue procurementTissue shipping logisticsISO13485 accreditation