Excellent biocompatibility due to weak antigenicity and safety due to biodegradability, makes bovine collagen a prime material for medical applications. Collagen-based biomaterials have a large range of applications both in vivo and in vitro.

Types of CollagenThe main medical types of Collagen are I-V which are present in different body partsType I is found in bones, tendons, ligaments and skinType II is in cartilage and the eyesType III comes from the lungs, liver and arteriesType IV is present in the kidneysType V is found on the surface of cells, hair and placentaBovine Collagen FormulationsCollagen Solutions offers off-the-shelf Type I collagen formulations and partners with customers to develop or co-develop other formulations, components, and finished medical devices using collagen. Our expertise and collaborative approach lead to faster time to market, improved production, and superior medical devices.Learn more about our off-the-shelf bovine collagen formulationsApplications for Bovine CollagenThe main use of collagen for clinical application are as replacement scaffolds used as tissue fillers, and as support matrices for matrix-rich tissues. Collagen scaffolds are widely used in clinical practice for plastic and reconstructive surgery, dental, wound care and orthopedics applications among others.Learn more about the applications for bovine collagen