Collagen Solutions sources, develops and manufactures functional, medical grade collagen for use in medical devices, research and regenerative medicine.

Other Biomaterials

Collagen Solutions offers a complete range of BSE-free bovine biomaterials to meet customer specifications including:

  • Bone
  • Cartilage and Tendon
  • Veins and Blood Vessels

All animal product materials are sourced, collected and handled in accordance with ISO: 22442 Part 2 – ‘Medical Devices Using Animal Tissues and Their Derivatives’. This ensures that our materials meet the World Organization for Animal Health requirements for BSE negligible risk animal products and meets the requirements for medical device manufacturers

Qualified Abattoirs

We source materials only from qualified and approved abattoirs. These abattoirs adhere to strict environmental controls and husbandry practices, and judiciously manage animal traceability. Only animals certified fit for human consumption are used.

Collagen Solutions maintains formal quality agreements with all of our abattoirs.

We manage the relationship with source plants and develop tissue collection protocols for each material in collaboration with our customers. We train and monitor professionals in plants and work closely with these teams. Collagen Solutions has a formal audit program in place and we facilitate customer audits as required.