Pericardium is a tough, double-layered membrane which covers the heart. Bovine pericardium is harvested, cleaned, and processed as a biomaterial for use in a number of clinical applications.

Principally composed of collagen, bovine pericardium provides strength and elasticity. Bovine pericardium is used extensively in applications including bio-prosthetic heart valves, dural closure, bone and dental membranes, and surgical buttressing. Collagen Solutions offers a variety of tissue harvesting, selection and cross-linking procedures and options to meet manufacturer’s requirements.


  • Minimally processed or crosslinked
  • Multiple thicknesses and physical properties
  • Frozen or fresh packaging

Features & Benefits

  • Meets quality and compliance requirements for numerous applications
  • Harvesting, selection and crosslinking procedures provide material ready for device manufacture


  • Cross-linking confirmation
  • Analyses specific to design specifications
  • Suture strength
  • Electron microscopy
  • Mechanical strength, elasticity, tearing and burst properties