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A Methylcellulose and Collagen Based Temperature Responsive Hydrogel Promotes Encapsulated Stem Cell Viability and Proliferation In Vitro

Payne C et al. 2017. Drug Deliv & Transl Res. 7:132-146
Application: Cell Delivery

With the number of stem cell-based therapies emerging on the increase, the need for novel and efficient delivery technologies to enable therapies to remain in damaged tissue and exert their...read more

A Micro-Architecturally Biomimetic Collagen Template for Mesenchymal Condensation Based Cartilage Regeneration

Younesi M et al. 2016. Acta Bio. 30: 212-221
Application: Bone/Cartilage, Application: Cartilage

The unique arcade-like orientation of collagen fibers enables cartilage to bear mechanical loads....read more

Acellular Hydroxyapatite-Collagen Scaffolds Support Angiogenesis and Osteogenic Gene Expression in an Ectopic Murine Model: Effects of Hydroxyapatite Volume Fraction

Jeagher MJ et al. 2016. J Biomed Mater Res Part A. 104A: 2178-2188
Application: Bone

Acellular hydroxyapatite (HA) reinforced collagen scaffolds were previously reported to induce angiogenesis and osteogenesis after ectopic implantation but the effect of the HA volume fraction was...read more

Age Dependent Differences in Collagen Alignment of Glutaraldehyde Fixed Bovine Pericardium

Sizeland KH et al. 2014. BioMed Res Int. 1-14
Application: Pericardium

Bovine pericardium is used for heart valve leaflet replacement where the strength and thinness are critical propertie...read more

Biologic and Synthetic Grafts in the Reconstruction of Large to Massive Rotator Cuff Tears

Gillespie RJ et al. 2016. AAOS. 24(12): 823-828
Application: Tendon/Bone (Rotator Cuff)

Rotator cuff injuries are common in both young and elderly patients....read more

Bovine Pericardium Based Non-Cross Linked Collagen Matrix for Successful Root Coverage, a Clinical Study in Human

Schlee M et al. 2012. Head Face Med. 8:6
Application: Pericardium

The aim of this study was to clinically assess the capacity of a novel bovine pericardium based, non-cross linked collagen matrix in root coverage....read more

Collagen as a Biological Glue for Cell Spraying in Wound Healing

Simpliciano C et al. TERMIS Americas, 2016 Annual Meeting
Application: Wound

In the US, about 6.5 million patients are treated for chronic wounds and burns, with a yearly financial burden of over $25 billion dollars. Worldwide, burns result in 265,000 deaths per year....read more

Collagen Fibril Strain, Recruitment and Orientation for Pericardium Under Tension and the Effect of Cross Links

Kayed HR et al. 2015. RSC Adv. 5: 103703-103712
Application: Pericardium

The structural response of collagen fibrils in pericardium and other tissues when subjected to strain and the effect of cross linking on those structural changes are not well understood....read more

Collagen Substrate Stiffness Anisotropy Affects Cellular Elongation, Nuclear Shape, and Stem Cell Fate Toward Anisotropic Tissue Lineage

Islam A et al. 2016. Adv Health Mat. 5(17): 2237-2247
Application: Tendon

Rigidity of substrates plays an important role in stem cell fate. Studies are commonly carried out on isotropically stiff substrate or substrates with unidirectional stiffness gradients....read more

Cross Linking and Fibril Alignment in Pericardium

Kayed HR et al. 2015. RSC Adv. 5: 3611-3618
Application: Pericardium

The influence of natural cross linking by glycosaminoglycan (GAG) on the structure of collagen in animal tissue is not well understood....read more

Ectopic Bone Formation in Rapidly Fabricated Acellular Injectable Dense Collagen-Bioglass Hybrid Scaffolds via Gel Aspiration-Ejection

Miri AK et al. 2016. Biomaterials. 85: 128-141
Application: Bone

Gel aspiration-ejection (GAE) has recently been introduced as an effective technique for the rapid production of injectable dense collagen (IDC) gel scaffolds with tunable collagen fibrillar...read more

Effect of Actuating Cell Source on Locomotion of Organic Living Machines with Electrocompacted Collagen Skeletons

Webster VA et al. 2016. Bioins & Biomim. 11(3): 1-13
Application: Cardiac Muscle

In robotics, there is a need for small scale, compliant actuators for use in medical applications or minimally invasive environmental monitoring....read more

Evaluation of a Collagen-Coated, Resporbable Fiber Scaffold Loaded with a Peptide Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Mimetic in a Sheep Model of Rotator Cuff Repair

Peterson DR et al. 2015. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 24(11) 1764-1773
Application: Tendon

A new scaffold design combined with a peptide growth factor was tested prospectively for safety and for improved tendon healing in sheep....read more

Evaluation of Fibroblast Behavior on a Collagen-Based Spray Adhesive

Simpliciano C et al. Society for Biomaterials, 2017 Annual Meeting
Application: Wound

The ongoing search for a suitable surgical adhesive is fueled by deficiencies of current products such as mechanical properties, bonding strengths and curing times....read more

Formulation of Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Hydrogens for Drug Delivery

Lieberthal T, Kao WH. 2016. Polymeric Drug Delivery Techniques. Sigma-Aldrich Spotlight. 31-35
Application: Drug Delivery

Although described as a “bioinert” drug delivery platform, PEG hydrogels can also incorporate bioactive materials, such as extracellular matrix amino acid motifs or macromolecules such as collagen....read more

Heparinized Collagen Sutures for Sustained Delivery of PDGF-BB: Delivery Profile and Effects on Tendon-Derived Cells In-Vitro

Younesi M et al. 2017. Acta Bio. 41: 100-109
Application: Tendon

Suturing is the standard of repair for lacerated flexor tendons....read more

Immediate Production of a Tubular Dense Collagen Construct with Bioinspired Mechanical Properties

Ghezzi CE. 2012. Acta Bio. 8: 1813-1825
Application: General Collagen

The intrinsic complexity of tissues and organs demands tissue engineering approaches that extend beyond planar constructs currently in clinical use....read more

Influence of Telopeptides on the Structural and Physical Properties of Polymeric and Monomeric Acid-Soluble Type I Collagen

Holmes R et al. 2017. Mater Sci & Eng. C. 77:823-827
Application: General Collagen

Currently two factors hinder the use of collagen as building block of regenerative devices: the limited mechanical strength in aqueous environment, and potential antigenicity....read more

Nerve Growth Factor Released from Collagen Scaffolds Protects Axotomized Cholinergic Neurons of the Basal Nucleus of Meynert in Organotypic Brain Slices

Foidl BM et al. 2017. J of Neu Meth. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jneumeth.2017.12.003.
Application: Drug Delivery

On-Demand Release of Hydrosoluble Drugs from a Paramagnetic Porous Collagen-Based Scaffold

Bettini S et al. 2016. Chem Eur J. 22: 1-9
Application: Drug Delivery

The design of a collagen scaffold containing iron oxide nanostructures capped by a TiO2 (anatase) layer is reported....read more

Protease-Sensitive Atelocollagen Hydrogels Promote Healing in a Diabetic Wound Model

Tronci G et al. 2016. J Mater Chem B. 4: 7249-7258
Application: Wound

The design of exudate-managing wound dressings is an established route to accelerated healing, although such design remains a challenge from material and manufacturing standpoints....read more

Repair of Large Osteochondritis Dissecans Lesions Using a Novel Multilayered Tissue Engineered Construct in an Equine Athlete

Stack JD et al. 2016. J of TERM.
Application: Bone/Cartilage

Osteochondral lesions resulting from osteochondritis dissecans are problematic to treat and present a significant challenge for clinicians....read more

Synthesis and Fabrication of Nanocomposite Fibers of Collagen-Cellulose Nanocrystals by Coelectrocompaction

Cudjoe E et al. 2017. Biomac. 18(4): 1259-1267
Application: General Collagen

An electrochemical process has been used to compact cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) and access aligned micron-sized CNC fibers....read more

The Effect of Different Collagen Modifications for Titanium and Titanium Nitrite Surfaces on Functions of Gingival Fibroblasts

Ritz U et al. 2016. Clin Oral Invest. 21: 1
Application: Dental

Translating the Role of Osteogenic-Angiogenic Coupling in Bone Formation: Highly Efficient Chitosan-pDNA Activated Scaffolds Can Accelerate Bone Regeneration in Critical-Sized Bone Defects

Raftery RM et al. 2017. Biomaterials. 149: 116-127
Application: Bone, Application: Bone/Cartilage